Floor Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your floors is very important if you want them to last. Many factors affect the quality and how you treat it can reflect on how your floors look. To make it easier for you, this is what you can do.

As you probably know wooden floors can be sensitive to many things. The first thing you want to remember is to wipe away any liquids if you spill them. If you don’t do this, the floor can absorb the water and can become thicker and break, or create bumps. This is also important if you have kids because they often spill something, so make sure you have cleaning products nearby. Another common damage is due to scratches and dents. They happen because we move furniture recklessly, and we drag things across the floors.

Wooden Floors

You should, of course, avoid doing this. However, you can buy those small protection pads to stick to the legs of your furniture and protect your wooden floors from any physical damage. When cleaning, try to use light products that are designed to be used for wood. Harsh chemicals can damage the floors over a period of time. The best choice would be natural, organic cleaning products, which are good for the environment and for your floors as well.

We often use the first thing that we find to clean our floors. However, they too need specific care with products designed for their type. Maintainance is definitely something you want to do, especially if you want them to last you a long time, and still, look shiny and new.